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Yo it's been a long time now

2013-10-12 00:30:33 by Nuranox

How's it going? :3

Upcoming big game

2013-04-11 03:13:48 by Nuranox

Upcoming game: Beast Hunter
Fight over 150 types of monsters
Reach the final boss at the 100th floor of the castle!
Get over 50+ armors and weapons!
Reach level 100 for ultimate power!
Become a legendary!
Coming soon: for now, beta testing will be available by may I guess.
Animator and Graphics designer : Nuranox (That's me)
Programmer: LukeElchul (That's
Music composer? I don't know if we will try and get one o.o.

Hey guys!

2013-01-11 08:53:49 by Nuranox

Since I have quit spriting, it's only a matter of time till this account gets filled with stick figure movies lol..
I don't have any other things to say right now.